Emerging and Evolving as Relatives with Jace DeCory

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  1. What is my view or definition of spirituality?
  2. What is my relationship with the various rocks,plants and animals I come into contact with? Do I feel a kinship in any way to them? Which ones?
  3. What experiences have I had in connection with caves, caverns or being underground?  How have those experiences affected me?
  4. Are there ways that I have “emerged” from one place or stage into another?  What are those ways?
  5. Are there ways I have evolved?
  6. What do I believe about various theories of evolution?
  7. What places are sacred to me or to people in my family?
  8. If I see something or someone as sacred, how does it change the ways I relate to that person or thing?
  9. How might seeing others as sacred but just taking “other forms” help me to develop deeper understandings of myself and the world around me?
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