WoLakota Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program for teachers in rural or high-needs schools

New teachers in rural or high-needs schools  will be linked with mentors for ongoing support. New teachers will be guided through the process of infusing the OSEU into their classrooms. Through this process, the needs of diverse, rural, native and non-native learning communities, as well as the challenges of the first three years of the teaching profession will be addressed. Mentors will schedule three days to visit mentee classrooms during the year, will engage with mentees face to face during the four Courage to Teach weekend retreats, and will maintain connection in an on-going way with mentees via email, WoLakota Facebook messaging and by phone. This plan provides weekly contact and monthly face to face contact between mentors and mentees including a total minimum of 15 face to face days of interaction per year.

Olivia Olson: New Teacher from McLaughlin High School


The Focus Areas for the Mentoring Component

  1. Mentee teachers will gain a working knowledge of the structure and content of the OSEU
  2. Mentors and mentees will design instruction aligned with the OSEU and SD state content standards
  3. Mentees will reflect on their own unique learning needs to inform various types of support provided
  4. Mentors will help mentees use innovative strategies to promote equal access to learning among native and non-native students
  5. The program will promote educational models that are culturally relevant
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